Eldars oscuros III: Unidades de línea y de Ataque rápido

Kabalite Warriors
Stats are the same. Armed with Splinter Rifle and Kabalite Armour. Sybarite upgrade.
Warriors get 1 Dark Lance (and likely other heavy weapons such as the Heat Lance) per 10 models.
Can only take 1 special weapon regardless of squad size
Special Rules: Fleet, Night Vision and Power From Pain.

Stats are around the same.
Armed with: Close combat weapon, combat drugs, plasma grenades, splinter pistol, wychsuit.
Unit includes: Wych, Hekatrix, Hekatrix Bloodbride, Syren (all have different stats/options)
Champions still have the option for the Agoniser. Wych weapons are one per 5 models.
Special Rules: Fleet, Night Vision, Power from Pain.
Dodge (4+): Wyches have 4+ Inv save in CC
Wych weapons
– Shardnet and Impaler: Counts as 2CCW, every enemy model in base contact loses 1 attack to a min of 1
– Hydra gauntlets: Count as 2CCW that grant +D6 attacks instead of +1.
– Razorflails: Count as 2CCW, reroll to hit and wound.

Fast Attack
Reaver Jetbikes
T4, 5+ save, can Turbo-boost 36″.
Reavers and Arena Champion
Armed with Wychsuit, splinter pistol, close combat weapon, combat drugs
Reaver Jetbike: +1T and 5+save, built in Splinter Rifle and 36″ Turbo Boost
Have option to replace Splinter Rifle with weapons including Heat Lance.
Bladevanes: Turbo Boost over any number of units, select one unengaged, nonvehicle unit you have passed over. Each bike does D3 S4 AP- hits. Cover Saves allowed.
Cluster caltrops: As Bladevanes but does D6 S6 AP- hits. Only 1 in 3 may take this.
Grav-Talon: As Bladevanes, D3 S4 AP-, if target suffers 1 or more unsaved wounds it must immediately take a pinning test.
Special Rules: Night Vision, Power from Pain, Skilled Riders
Can perform a “fly-by” attack on enemy units without becoming locked in close combat.
There is no way to take these guys as Troops.

Supposedly have hit and run
Skyboards have a S5 AP4 assault 2 shooting attack
Champion can take a special type of skyboard which can pull an IC out of its unit when using Hit and Run. This leaves him engages in Close Combat with the IC though.

Beast Masters
Ride Hellion Skyboards
Can take a total of 7 beasts per Beastmaster from three beast types:
Khymera – The old Warp Beast
Vodwing Flock – W5 5+ Invul, Rending
Clawed Fiend – gets better as it gets wounded.

4+ Sv
Armed with with Shard Carbines, and Jump Pack
definitely have more weapon options.
Can supposedly take Haywire Grenade Launchers
Special Rules:
Deep Strike

Aqui es al gusto y segun el etilo de combate que quieras, guerreros o brujas(o ambos xD) Aun desconozco su precio exacto, por lo que no puedo opinar acerca de sus reglas.

En cuanto a topas de ataque rápido, los scouges(no me acuerdo del nombre en español xD) son una unidad a la que tengo aprecio, sobre todo desde que me enteré de que su arma basia es de asalto 3(la carabina cristalina)

En cuanto al resto de tropas, aun tengo que ver las opciones y sopesarlas, com o por ejemplo pasa en los infernales o en el maestod e las bestias. ¿qué unidad de eldars oscuros de ataque rápido os gusta más???



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