Soufflé de necrones con miel y caramelo

Pues aqui os traigo, desde Dakka, las reglas del transporte necrón conocido como guadaña nocturna (y sin mini a la vista)

Supuestamente seran algo como esta nave

Night Scythe: Fast, skimmer (not open-topped). A variant of the Doom Scythe fighter that is a 15 model flyer transport with the ‘supersonic’ 36″ flat-out move that the new flyers (that are really skimmers) have. Can carry jump infantry models (taking up 2 spots each), Jetbike models (taking up 3 spots each) and fire all its weapons even when moving at cruising speed. Has living metal, but not quantum shielding. AV 11/11/11 like most Necron vehicles. Has a Twin-linked Tesla Destructor as its weapon.

The transport is done by a wormhole gateway on the underside, the only access point. If the Night Scythe is destroyed, the embarked unit is not deployed, but instead goes back into reserves to arrive normally (i.e. it can’t deep strike even if the unit has that rule). This can suck pretty bad for an expensive unit to suddenly get sucked back into Reserves, but remember as long as you have at least one Monolith in your force, you can use its Portal to pull that unit out of Reserves at the start of your next movement phase, so it isn’t all that bad!

The artwork basically just shows the craft as a crescent shaped vehicle, with barrels sticking out from underneath for the weapons. This artwork for the Night/Doom Scythe looks very similar to what you see flying in the background of some of the first wave release covers.

Oh dios mio, los de BGG se han plagiado de Gw para el diseño de sus.. espera.. algo no funciona aqui…

Por lo que podemos ver, es una especia de caza con un portal de agujero de gusano por el que entran las tropas, que si es destruido, las unidades “embarcadas” no se despliegan, sino que pasan a la reserva(pueden entrar desde tu borde o desde un manolito cuando entren por reservas) Asi que los necrones siguen siendo los reyes del teletransporte pese a todo (algo absurdo, lo reconozco, para eso que se teleporten directamente… pero conociendo las reglas de DR, mejor caminar sobre seguro, no creeis?)


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